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Casey Neistat Flies Emirates’ New First Class

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers (his videos collectively have well over a billion views, though YouTubing isn’t his full time gig anymore). Even if you’re not into YouTube, you may remember I’ve written about him a few times before. I shared the video of him complaining about how American took away his comped Concierge Key status, and his incredible video review of Emirates first class, which might be the best unpaid advertisement they’ve ever had. Earlier this year he did a video review of Lufthansa first class.

As we all know, Emirates introduced a new first class product recently, which has been available between Dubai and Brussels since December 1, 2017.

Shortly after Emirates announced the product, Casey Neistat and Emirates had the following conversation on Twitter:

And it looks like that really happened. Just yesterday, Casey uploaded a video about how he’s flying Emirates’ new first class from Brussels to Dubai.

It’s not an actual video review yet, though it does appear like his flight happened on December 7, based another picture he Tweeted.

2A? C’mon, he should have taken one of the center seats so he could experience the virtual windows! 😉

I certainly look forward to seeing his video about the experience. At last count, his previous Emirates first class video has nearly 48 million views.

That also raises the question of why he couldn’t outright book a first class ticket rather than asking the airline for a free ticket, give how much revenue he presumably generated from the video alone. Then again, I guess he’s not traditionally reviewing flights, so his audience doesn’t really seem to care.

I’m also slightly disappointed that he learned about Emirates’ new first class on Business Insider. No disrespect, but that’s where you get your airline news?! 😉

Casey is a quirky guy. The more I watch him, the more I appreciate him… in a way. However, I’m most definitely still horrified at how he spray painted his suitcase in the video… oy!


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