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Free Gogo Passes & Other Gifts For Google Fi Subscribers

Like last year, Google’s Project Fi phone service is giving out holiday gifts to subscribers. In many cases these are Gogo wifi passes, so it’s worth taking a few moments to collect yours.

Some people have received an email from Project Fi (the subject is “Here’s a holiday treat from your friends at Project Fi”), but even if you don’t receive the email directly you can participate.

To get your gift, log in to your Google account (you may need to use Chrome) and open up Project Fi’s Holiday With Google.

Thoughtfully, Project Fi is allowing you to skip the holiday game this year. Which you may want to do, because it’s not even as fun as the Chrome Tyrannosaurus spacebar game.

It’s an easy game though, where you just use your arrow keys to move a little skier down the page. I intentionally crashed into a barrier after about 45 seconds of boredom, but I suppose it’s possible that the game gets more interesting as you progress.

Once you either end the game (or if you’ve skipped ahead), you’ll be given your gift. Everyone I’ve talked to has received a wifi pass, but please share in the comments if you get something different:

The gift will be emailed to you as well, which helps keep things organized. And I don’t see anything in the terms to suggest otherwise, so I believe these passes will work on Gogo-equipped international flights as well.

So if you have Project Fi, might as well take a minute to pick up your gift, as we don’t know when this promotion will end, or if quantities are limited, etc.

(Tip of the hat to Jimmy)


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