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Singapore Airlines’ Gorgeous New Ad


I’ve always been a huge fan of Singapore Airlines’ marketing campaigns. Some airlines have ads that are exclusively product focused. Other airlines have totally abstract ads that don’t even incorporate their product. Other airlines rely on humor for their ads.

Singapore Airlines seems to have a consistent theme with their marketing campaigns, and I love it. The ads are abstract, though ultimately highlight the carrier’s onboard experience. On top of that, they almost always feature the iconic “Singapore Girl,” and specifically how “she” takes care of passengers.

Today Singapore Airlines released their latest ad, which is about their new A380 cabins, including their new Suites and business class.

The airline has uploaded the ad to YouTube, and describes it as “making every journey personal — from majestic clifftops to magical forests, let your imagination take flight with every journey.” Here’s the ad:

What a pleasure to watch, and it’s so on-brand for Singapore Airlines.

In 2013 Singapore Airlines unveiled a series of ads with a similar general theme, showcasing the lengths that the airline goes to take care of their passengers, which I really enjoyed. Here are three of those ads:

What do you make of Singapore Airlines’ new ad campaign? Do you love it as much as I do?


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